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Modcloth’s sneak peak item – the “Cool It Skirt”

So I hesitated to feature this piece because like Anthropologie, ModCloth has some truly amazing stuff but consequently, you’re paying for the quality.

But this skirt was too good to pass up.

This is a sneak peak — it’s not even available yet, but you can sign up for a notification letting you know when it’s available. Because it’s guaranteed that baby’s going to sell out in hours, if not minutes.

It’s nearly 90$, but uh, you can add it to your “It was on sale!” list or your Christmas wish-list.

Why this skirt is too good of an opportunity for pear girls to pass up:

  1. It follows all of the standard “rules” a pear is to follow if they want to flatter their body type. There’s the waistline, which hugs the smallest part of the waist.
  2. Simple A-line flow
  3. It’s one block of a darker color; pair this with a simple white T and some accessories, you’ve got the perfect outfit. The combinations are endless.

Dooo it, you know you want to.


Tribal prints – Masaari

Sometimes, I’ll put together an outfit that defies pear fashion rules, but happens to work well! Happy dance!

Tribal prints are everywhere this Fall. From runways to Forever 21, African patterns are seen on any piece of clothing you can think of.

The creator of the Masaari line, Love Voundi, has certainly picked up on this and as you can see below, has made this fad work for her pear-shaped body.

As seen in the Masaari collection

This outfit is actually a reverse of what is typically suggested for pear ladies (pattern on top, darker color on bottom). But clever pairing and confidence are what make this rule-breaker happen, and happen well.

What makes this work on a pear-shaped body:

  1. This full maxi skirt has two simple colors, one which matches the top
    and creates consistency throughout the outfit. While it may not necessarily bring attention away from your hips, the skirt certainly makes them look pretty!
  2. The skirt sits at the smallest part of the waist, the pear’s best asset (in the opinion of many, at least).

Check out more of the Masaari line, but get your dictionaries out, the site’s in French. C’est la vie.

Fashion DIY by Abby Hall

I could live in Anthropologie, they have everything I want to fill my home and closet with. But man, are they expensive!

In this episode, Abby Hall of Pschh I Can Make That takes Anthropologie’s beautiful $258.00 Spring Dress and recreates it…for $18.75.

Abby is a cute, tatted-up doll with a talent. It’s hard for us pear ladies to find a perfect fit, so why not do it ourselves?

Why this dress is good for pears:

1) The corset is fitted in the right place, to show off your lovely waist

2) A sweetheart neckline brings the attention up (add some accessories for more “oooh!”)

3) A full skirt glides over full hips, minimizing the difference in width between those and your smaller calves.