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Tribal prints – Masaari

Sometimes, I’ll put together an outfit that defies pear fashion rules, but happens to work well! Happy dance!

Tribal prints are everywhere this Fall. From runways to Forever 21, African patterns are seen on any piece of clothing you can think of.

The creator of the Masaari line, Love Voundi, has certainly picked up on this and as you can see below, has made this fad work for her pear-shaped body.

As seen in the Masaari collection

This outfit is actually a reverse of what is typically suggested for pear ladies (pattern on top, darker color on bottom). But clever pairing and confidence are what make this rule-breaker happen, and happen well.

What makes this work on a pear-shaped body:

  1. This full maxi skirt has two simple colors, one which matches the top
    and creates consistency throughout the outfit. While it may not necessarily bring attention away from your hips, the skirt certainly makes them look pretty!
  2. The skirt sits at the smallest part of the waist, the pear’s best asset (in the opinion of many, at least).

Check out more of the Masaari line, but get your dictionaries out, the site’s in French. C’est la vie.


Forever 21’s Striped V-Neck Sweater


This bold sweater follows 2 rules that is touted on every pear fashion blog.

1) Bright, bold colors and patterns on top to bring the eye up and away from your problem areas

2) A scooped, boat, or in this case v-neckline to create visual interest where many pears are lacking (the bust area)

Lastly, the hem falls below mid-hip, which isn’t the best for pear-shaped ladies, but you can position them hem it’s not stretched down, and it sits right across that imaginary line. This will also make the material less clingy, as tops that cling to our small waists will only bring attention to the difference in width between that and our hips.