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Pear-friendly fashion spotted on VOGUE.COM

Yah, you read that correctly. Vogue.

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Vika Gazinskaya is seen modeling her own pear-friendly creations. And the future is only looking brighter:

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The 50’s were the best decade for pear fashion. Here’s why:

  1. Exaggerated necklines — criss-cross detail, scoop-neck, boat-neck, you name it.
  2. A-line and tulip skirts.
  3. Fitted waists.

This Fall and forward could be the time of the pears.


Fashion DIY by Abby Hall

I could live in Anthropologie, they have everything I want to fill my home and closet with. But man, are they expensive!

In this episode, Abby Hall of Pschh I Can Make That takes Anthropologie’s beautiful $258.00 Spring Dress and recreates it…for $18.75.

Abby is a cute, tatted-up doll with a talent. It’s hard for us pear ladies to find a perfect fit, so why not do it ourselves?

Why this dress is good for pears:

1) The corset is fitted in the right place, to show off your lovely waist

2) A sweetheart neckline brings the attention up (add some accessories for more “oooh!”)

3) A full skirt glides over full hips, minimizing the difference in width between those and your smaller calves.

Ruche’s Rose Chimera Floral Pocket Dress

Ugh! I don’t know about you girls, but finding a good pair of jeans is a pain in my bountiful derriere! So I tend to skip the jeans and, uh, dress it up a little.

And really, that’s all the difference in going from “drab to fab”. Here’s what makes this pretty piece a pear perfection:

1) The lace and sweetheart neckline draws attention up, up, and away from the hips.

2) Waistline is cinched, and we want to show off our slimmer upper bodies.

3) The skirt is not exactly A-line but it flows enough outward to hide any problem areas.

(Ruche is just beautifully fantastic and awesome, and I recommend all pear shapes to go check their items out).