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DIY – Sarah’s “black ruffle around me” shirt

I love me a simple tee and dark jeans (boot cut, mind you). It looks good on me (uh, I hope), requires little thought, and is comfortable enough to sit and stand in the various positions I need to bend myself in to be moderately relaxed in a 6 hour studio class.

I love it so much that I’m hesitant to add anything to it, but I don’t mind picking this project up for one of my thousands of other plain tees that don’t fit so well.

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Simple, and if you do it well, an elegant solution to a boring t-shirt.

Why this is good for pear ladies:

  1. Details at the neckline brings attention up, up and away from any problem areas down below

Pair this with a pretty A-line or full skirt, with some tall boots and you’ll feel pretty as a…princess? Poppy?


Pear-friendly fashion spotted on VOGUE.COM

Yah, you read that correctly. Vogue.

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Vika Gazinskaya is seen modeling her own pear-friendly creations. And the future is only looking brighter:

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The 50’s were the best decade for pear fashion. Here’s why:

  1. Exaggerated necklines — criss-cross detail, scoop-neck, boat-neck, you name it.
  2. A-line and tulip skirts.
  3. Fitted waists.

This Fall and forward could be the time of the pears.

Pear Must Haves – Measuring Tape

I’ve become increasingly tired of spending hours in a mall and walking out with nothing, or worse yet, something that I didn’t feel 100% sure about buying.

So I tend to turn to online shopping a lot.

A lot of problems can arise from this — namely sizing.

This is a MUST HAVE for pears, who have trouble finding pieces that fit in all of the right places.

Most online shops give you the measurements of the clothing you’re looking at, along with what type of fabric it’s made of and sometimes, what size the model pictured is wearing (I’ve seen this on the Forever 21 site).

What to pay attention to when measuring yourself:

(Tops) Shoulder-to-hem length – you want the hem to fall mid-hip

(Bottoms) Inseam – capris are generally not the style to go for

(Bottoms) Thigh or Leg opening – avoid the emotional turmoil when you find that the pants wont go over your hips! 😦

(Bottoms) Rise – this is where the pants will sit. The lower the rise in inches (or whatever measurement offered), the smaller the distance between crotch and the top of the jeans. Find where this will sit on your own body.

(Bottoms) Waist – not your natural waist, but the waistline of where you would normally wear your pants. Slip one finger between the measuring tape and your body for maximum comfort.

The better fit of your pants, the better you’ll feel about your body. Measure correctly and enjoy the lack of muffin top or hanging gut!

Shoulders back and chin up, because nothing makes clothes look better than confidence.


Tribal prints – Masaari

Sometimes, I’ll put together an outfit that defies pear fashion rules, but happens to work well! Happy dance!

Tribal prints are everywhere this Fall. From runways to Forever 21, African patterns are seen on any piece of clothing you can think of.

The creator of the Masaari line, Love Voundi, has certainly picked up on this and as you can see below, has made this fad work for her pear-shaped body.

As seen in the Masaari collection

This outfit is actually a reverse of what is typically suggested for pear ladies (pattern on top, darker color on bottom). But clever pairing and confidence are what make this rule-breaker happen, and happen well.

What makes this work on a pear-shaped body:

  1. This full maxi skirt has two simple colors, one which matches the top
    and creates consistency throughout the outfit. While it may not necessarily bring attention away from your hips, the skirt certainly makes them look pretty!
  2. The skirt sits at the smallest part of the waist, the pear’s best asset (in the opinion of many, at least).

Check out more of the Masaari line, but get your dictionaries out, the site’s in French. C’est la vie.

Another DIY – Fendi Frill

One of the important tips in fashion for pear-shaped ladies is to keep the details above the hips (this is for those who want to minimize them; some want to show them off and that’s just awesome!). Remember, accessories, bold prints, bright colors, etc. on top!

Looks like Fendi has brought back what is vaguely reminiscent of the Victorian era blouse, minus the over-the-top lace and ruffles.

As seen on Vogue

If this is your cup of tea, HonestlyWTF has featured the DIY version of the Fendi frill, with very similar results:

Credits of this image goes to HonestlyWTF

Why this is good for the pear:

  • 1) I mean, it’s RIGHT THERE, people are going to look at it, so no need to worry too much about problem areas down south.