Another DIY – Fendi Frill

One of the important tips in fashion for pear-shaped ladies is to keep the details above the hips (this is for those who want to minimize them; some want to show them off and that’s just awesome!). Remember, accessories, bold prints, bright colors, etc. on top!

Looks like Fendi has brought back what is vaguely reminiscent of the Victorian era blouse, minus the over-the-top lace and ruffles.

As seen on Vogue

If this is your cup of tea, HonestlyWTF has featured the DIY version of the Fendi frill, with very similar results:

Credits of this image goes to HonestlyWTF

Why this is good for the pear:

  • 1) I mean, it’s RIGHT THERE, people are going to look at it, so no need to worry too much about problem areas down south.


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